Women in Canada are joining forces to press the government to flush away a tax on a “non-essential item” — tampons.

That’s right, tampons.

The petition at Change.org, is addressed to Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay, the minister of national revenue, and currently has more than 56,000 supporters to eliminate the federal goods and services tax (GST) on tampons.

It states:

According to the Government of Canada all menstrual hygiene products are considered a non-essential item or luxury.

To add insult to injury, items like incontinence products, cocktail cherries, human sperm, and wedding cakes are not subject to GST.

But we all know that buying tampons, pads, moon/diva cups, or panty liners is not optional. These products are an essential part of a normal, public life for people with periods.

The Globe and Mail points out that other necessary medical products — incontinence pads, prescription drugs and hearing aids — all are exempt from the GST.

The petition also says that “the government collected approximately $36,398,387.00 in government sales taxes because our uteruses did what they do naturally.”

h/t: The Globe and Mail