“Saturday Night Live” took a shot at establishment Republicans for losing control of the 2016 presidential race and used a parody of the “Super Bowl Shuffle” made famous by the 1985 Chicago Bears.

In the video released online on Wednesday, Actor Taran Killam plays the role of Speaker Paul Ryan, who says that despite what Donald Trump says, the establishment is made up of a group of “pretty cool” guys.

The establishment then launches into a rap in “The Establishment Shuffle,” complete with a set that mirrors the one used by the Bears more than 30 years ago.

“We’re the establishment, yes we are, Republicans with a capital ‘R’,” the fake establishment sings. “We’re the O-G-GOP and Trump’s got nothing on this party.

“If you think Muslims are the worst, come hang with us, we said that first. So everybody, gather round, and watch the establishment boogie down.”

Killam as Ryan then steps up to the mic and plays the role of bad boy quarterback Jim McMahon.

“Stick with me girl, I’ll drive you wild,” Killam’s character says. “And if I get you pregnant, you’re having that child. Right to life! Ri-ri-ri-right to life!”

A very orange John Boehner makes an appearance, as does Sen. Lindsey Graham, played by Kate McKinnon.

“You may know me as that guy from the news who likes to rag on that loser Ted Cruz,” McKinnon says. “I hate how he talks and I hate his face, I hate everything about that rat in the race.

“In all honesty, I hope he dies, but Trump is the worst so Cruz is my guy,” she says, taking a jab at the real Graham for endorsing Cruz shortly after joking about how if Cruz was killed on the Senate floor nobody would be convicted in the case.

How does the “SNL” version compare to the original “Super Bowl Shuffle”?

All that’s missing are the tight white pants. Thankfully.