The American Freedom Party, the same white nationalist group that has wholeheartedly endorsed Donald Trump in the presidential race, has released its list of people it would like to see working for “President Trump,”  which it envisions including Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin.

Those two picks, with Coulter as the Secretary of Homeland Security and Palin as his chief of staff, are fairly obvious ones, considering their close allegiances to Trump.

Coulter has previously called for “more violence” at Trump’s rallies while Palin has hit the campaign trail with the billionaire.

According to the list of proposed cabinet members obtained by the Huffington Post’s Dana Liebelson, Coulter isn’t the only slightly crazy name on the American Freedom Party’s list.

Not only does it say Coulter “will do what needs doing,” but it also says that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as vice president would “possess the experience and temperament to balance a Trump ticket.”

The temperament part is up for debate.

The party also wants to see Newt Gingrich get back into politics, this time as the Secretary of Defense.

“Mr. Gingrich informally advised Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and hopefully has learned that foreign entanglements are bad for America,” the party said.

If this presidential run doesn’t work out for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the American Freedom Party would like to see him as the U.S. trade representative.

As chief of staff, the party says Palin’s most important job would be taking aim at — and dismantling — the Secretary of Interior, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and the Secretary of Education.


It also pegs former Congressman Virgil Goode as the FBI Director under Trump, citing Goode’s “strong, white-nationalist leanings.”