Consider it the ultimate gag gift for any Chris Christie fans out there, but it comes with a price as big as the 60-inch waist.

Based on the bidding action on eBay, the pair of autographed gym shorts from Christie are a hot commodity. As of Friday morning, 13 bids had been placed on the item and more than a day was left in the auction. The starting bid was $175.

(Photo credit: eBay)

(Photo credit: eBay)

The shorts, described as a pair of “dark blue, heavy cotton gym shorts” originally were won at a fundraising auction shortly after the New Jersey governor took office.

Christie also signed them.

“Stay in shape and best wishes,” Christie wrote.


While the shorts were definitely handled by Christie at some point based on the signature, there’s no guarantee that he soaked them in sweat while working out, or even wore them at all.

The item description states they “probably were” worn by Christie but without photographic evidence, the seller only guarantees it’s a “once in a lifetime chance to own something unique.”

Finding a photo of Christie wearing the shorts is a long shot but not totally out of the question. He has been caught on camera wearing athletic gear before, such as the time he helped lead a Tae Bo workout.

And of course, there was the time he suited up in a charity baseball uniform, to the delight of many on social media. 

h/t: New York Magazine