Donald Trump is known for freestyling it up at the podium, but on Monday night, he reversed course and did something he blasted his opponents for: He used a teleprompter.

Trump busted out the speech aid during in front of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, just minutes after ripping Democrat Hillary Clinton for using one.

“She’s just reading it off a teleprompter,” Trump said on CNN’s “Situation Room.” “Believe me, they write that for her.”

Strangely, Trump did the same thing at AIPAC, which didn’t go unnoticed. His speech pattern was described as “stilted, halting” and mocked on Twitter.

Trump had previously said presidential candidates should be banned from using teleprompters.

While the reviews weren’t amazing and in his favor, it could have been worse for Trump. He could have pulled an Al Sharpton vs. a Teleprompter.

h/t: The Hill