Ann Coulter couldn’t help but rub some salt in the fresh wounds of Marco Rubio just minutes after he pulled out of the race, firing off a tweet in which she compared him to a “rapist.”

“Rubio saying ‘angry’ voters don’t want to vote for him is like a rapist complaining girls don’t want to talk to him,” she tweeted.

Earlier, she had proclaimed that Tuesday’s results were “better than Christmas Day!”

Coulter, who is a major Trump supporter, also took a shot at the media, which she says is making it harder for Trump to win, even though he’s been winning in landslides.

But the media, which Trump has often complained about, gave Trump $400 million worth of free coverage in just one month’s time.

Coulter has often ripped on Rubio, and after he won Minnesota two weeks ago, she said that the “Somalis carried little Rubio to victory.”