Swanson, a prominent leader among social conservatives, has called for the execution of gays and lesbians.

Pastor and conservative radio host Kevin Swanson took time out of his show on Monday to call for the execution of Girl Scouts of America leaders, citing Biblical passages to support his claim.

Swanson, who has been courted by Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, accused the organization of promoting lesbianism, contraception and abortion to 14-year-old girls.

He then launched into his provocative suggestions that leaders of the Girl Scouts movement deserve “the mafia treatment:”

We take Matthew 18:6 seriously friends. Our lord Jesus christ, he said it in no uncertain terms: If somebody offends these little ones who believes in me it would be better for him that a millstone be hanged around his neck and he be ground at the bottom of the sea — the mafia treatment. This is one of Jesus’ most serious statements ever made in all of his ministry. And I just got to take that seriously.

Swanson went on to add that you have to take what Jesus says and apply it, and urged listeners not to train girls to be feminists.

Swanson made headlines in November, when MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow highlighted Swanson’s anti-LGBT National Religious Liberties Conference, which was attended by Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

After Cruz’s campaign told Maddow that Swanon’s rhetoric that gay people should be put to death didn’t merit a response, they amended their comment to say his comments were “reprehensible” to USA Today.

Listen to Swanson’s full statement in the Right Wing Watch audio clip below: