Parody Donald Trump "Drumpf" hats selling like hotcakes(Screenshot: Last Week Tonight/YouTube)

Serious sales for silly hats

Unionwear in Newark, New Jersey, is the only unionized American manufacturer of baseball caps, and it makes all sorts of candidate-themed apparel and accessories during election cycles.

But one of the best-selling items this election cycle wasn’t ordered by a political candidate. It was first ordered as a joke by a late-night TV show, as reported by


And just which hat has been popular?

That would be “Drumpf,” the ancestral name of Donald Trump’s family, derisively parodied by British comedian John Oliver on HBO, which placed a large order for the hats.

Mitch Cahn, president of Unionwear, told that the show ordered the hats as a joke to put on its website, but it sold a whole lot more than expected.

Oliver says they have sold more than 35,000 hats at cost and joked that HBO thought the whole thing was  pretty hilarious, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Even celebrities are trying to get their hands on the hit Drumpf hats.

“Apparently Jay Z’s people called HBO asking for a hat,” Oliver said.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

“Buy the hat, Jay Z,” Oliver continued, teasing the musician for wanting one for free. “Spring for a hat, let it it trickle down.”