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Some people like to dress up their dogs, but some folks on the other side of the pond have decided to take horsing around to a whole new level by dressing up a race horse in a suit.

As can be expected, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

The suit is a genius marketing ploy by bookmaker William Hill, which decided to dress up Morestead and pair him up with Sir Anthony McCoy, a recently retired jockey.

And yes, the two are wearing matching suits because anything else would just be silly.

The two will be making an appearance at the start of the Cheltenham Festival, one of the biggest racing events in the United Kingdom.

According to seamstress Emma Sandham-King, a horse suit requires approximately 10 times more tweed than that of an average human suit. It also obviously takes considerably longer to stitch together a horse suit. Morestead’s outfit took Sandham-King and her team four weeks from start to finish.

“Some models can be real divas, but veteran racing horse Morestead was calm and a pleasure to work with,” Sandham-King said.