Regardless of the results of Tuesday’s primaries, Sen. Marco Rubio said he is “100 percent” he’s not dropping out before Florida voters head to the polls on March 15.

During an interview on Tuesday with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Rubio was asked about a CNN story that his campaign pushed back on that said advisers were pushing him to drop out to avoid being embarrassed in his home state.

“So, under no circumstances, regardless of how Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii vote later tonight — you are in this race through Florida?” Hewitt asked Rubio.

Rubio said there’s no doubt in his mind about the path forward.

“Yeah, absolutely. I mean, yeah, absolutely, 100 percent. I mean, there’s no doubt about that,” Rubio said of staying in the race for at least a week. “And beyond that, I would tell you that when it comes to Florida, we feel real good about our operation here and the work we’re putting in, and we’ve really started to focus in basically on Florida.”

Rubio said it “always seems to come down to Florida.”

Based on that, and polling, Rubio could be done immediately after voters in his home state head to the polls.

According to the Real Clear Politics polling average in Florida, Rubio trails Donald Trump by 16 points. Even worse, FiveThirtyEight has Trump with a 92 percent chance of winning Florida.

While speaking on Tuesday night, he doubled down on his comments that it all comes down to Florida.