During a campaign stop in Epping, New Hampshire on Tuesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took issue with one man’s complaints about getting through airport security.

He also didn’t try to sugarcoat it.

“You know what else is inconvenient?” Christie asked. “Getting blown up on a plane.”

This was, after all, part of Christie’s “Telling It Like It Is” tour.

He also told the crowd that he was anything but deflated by Monday’s showing in the Iowa caucus, where he tied for ninth with Mike Huckabee, who pulled the plug on his campaign later in the night.

“Nothing really changed yesterday in Iowa,” Christie said. “Now the fun starts.”

Earlier in the day during a stop on Bedford, New Hampshire, Christie went after Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and referred to him as the “boy in the bubble.”

One of Christie’s complaints is that Rubio’s campaign is “constantly scripted” by his handlers.

“Maybe he’ll do more than 40 minutes on a little stage telling everybody his canned speech that he’s memorized,” Christie said, according to The Washington Post. “This isn’t a student council election, everybody. This is an election for president of the United States. Let’s get the boy in the bubble out of the bubble, and let’s see him play for the next week in New Hampshire. I’m ready to play, and I hope he is.”