Just hours after President Barack Obama wiped away tears while announcing a number of executive actions in an effort to curb gun violence, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz launched a fundraising effort titled “Obama wants your guns.”

The webpage on his campaign site also featured a photoshopped image of Obama wearing full tactical gear and urges supporters to “join the fight” for Second Amendment rights.

Upon filling out the form, it redirects to a page seeking campaign donations. This effort is in addition to his raffle for an engraved shotgun.

During Tuesday’s announcement, the president said his executive actions, which include requiring more gun sellers to get licenses, is not part of “a plot to take away guns,” which often has been a complaint from his critics.

Cruz ripped Obama’s actions during a campaign stop in Iowa.

“Those executive orders are not worth the paper they’re printed on,” Cruz said. “When you live by the pen, you die by the pen, and my pen has got an eraser.”


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House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, was one of many others to weigh in on Obama’s plan, saying the president “has never respected the right to safe and legal gun ownership that our nation has valued since its founding.”

While Obama was still speaking, the NRA said that “President Obama’s executive orders will do nothing to improve public safety” and later expanded on that in a statement it later released.

“The American people do not need more emotional, condescending lectures that are completely devoid of facts,” NRA official Chris Cox said. “The men and women of the National Rifle Association take a back seat to no one when it comes to keeping our communities safe. But the fact is that President Obama’s proposals would not have prevented any of the horrific events he mentioned.”

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said that Obama is “obsessed with undermining the Second Amendment.”

“This will do nothing to prevent violence or crime,” he said.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump had previously said he’ll “unsign (the executive order) so fast.”