Kim Jong-un has apparently survived an assassination attempt that involved “a hidden stack of explosives,” according to reports.

Radio Free Asia first reported the rumor about the hermit leader, saying that the assassination attempt was to take place when Kim visited Kalma Airport on Oct. 6.

“Kim Jong Un’s visit to Kalma airport was cancelled immediately, as explosives were found a day before his visit,” wrote NK News.

Per The Week:

The alleged explosives — said to be a “box of TNT” that was found “planted inside the roof of the airport’s information desk” — had reportedly gone undetected in a search of the airport by Kim Jong Un’s Supreme Guard Command. North Korea’s State Security Department (SSD) reportedly discovered the hidden explosives.

However, as with most news items involving North Korea, it is impossible to verify if there was any actual attempt on the life of Kim.

As Jeong Jim-man, a former demolition instructor from the South Korean Special Forces, told NK News, it’s possible that the report is simply a rumor created by North Korea to win support for security forces there.

“If North Korea’s SSD had found out the explosives, which Kim Jong-un’s Supreme Guard Command had failed to locate, than the Supreme Guard Command might have been involved in the assassination attempt,” he said. “But, also, it might have been an SSD setup to win Kim Jong-un’s favor by setting up the TNT and pretending that they found it after the Supreme Guard Command had already swept the site.”

The timing fits with the narrative that the assassination attempt was a farce — his country is reportedly gearing up for more nuclear tests at the Punggye-ri facility as reports have surfaced that military advisors are growing impatient with Kim’s wayward command of the country.