The third quarter of the fiscal year has come to a close, and candidates will be revealing their quarterly fundraising numbers in the coming days.

Based on the early numbers available, the two big winners — in terms of campaign fundraising, not necessarily super PAC money — seem to be on the Democratic side.

Hillary Clinton had another stellar quarter, bringing in $28 million despite facing the scourge of her emails from her time as secretary of state released and the Benghazi inquest. That figure is noticeably less than the $45 million she raised during the second quarter, but that is to be expected as voter excitement begins to wane a little and candidates hit their media saturation point.

That puts Clinton’s total at $75 million and keeps her campaign on pace to hit its $100 million goal by the end of 2015.

The real winner for the Democrats, however, was Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who hauled in $25.5 million.

As CNN notes, this is especially impressive for a candidate who has been open about his distaste for fundraising and has only headlined seven fundraisers. Clinton personally headlined 58.

Perhaps the most telling statistic, however, is how many people donated to the Sanders campaign. Some 650,000 people have made 1.3 million donations to Sanders, with an average donation of $24.86.

That average donation number is significant as well because it means people are still far from reaching their maximum donation of $2,700.

Clinton’s campaign meanwhile said that 93 percent of the donations made were less than $100.

On the Republican side, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson had a quarter very similar to Sanders. He raised $20.2 million and has received donations from 353,000 people since launching in May, according to the Associated Press.