You know the routine when it comes to campaign ads.

It goes something like this:

  • Talk about your past accomplishments.
  • Pledge to fix everything even though there’s no way you can.
  • Make a few specific promises you most likely won’t be able to keep.
  • Paint your opponent in a negative light.
  • Repeat.

The 2016 presidential race is young, but we have an incredible and brutally honest campaign ad.

Unfortunately, it’s fake.

It comes to us from Represent.Us, a nonprofit group with a mission to stop corruption in politics and see campaign finance reform.

The ad focuses on “Gil Fulbright for President.”

His five-step plan for making America is spot on. Interestingly, it includes six points — kind of like when Hillary Clinton released a memo outlining three key points the campaign would be focusing on but actually listed four.

Gil’s plan:

  1. Appeal to special intests.
  2. Raise $2 billion.
  3. Promise you that it’ll be different this time.
  4. Get elected.
  5. Break all his promises.
  6. Work tirelessly for the big donors who helped him get elected.


Of course, he does it all with a smile.

Watch the full video here because Fulbright says “a dramatic camera angle can make me look like a president.”

h/t: The Washington Post