Cardinals fans still haven’t forgiven Jason Heyward for spurning the team in free agency this past offseason, and they let the outfielder know it during his first trip back to Busch Stadium Monday.

Heyward, who signed an eight-year, $184 million deal with the Cubs in December, received a hearty round of boos from the St. Louis faithful as he stepped to the plate in the first inning.

The 26-year-old slugger was called out on strikes, much to the delight of the crowd.


Heyward’s highly publicized courting came down to the Cubs and Cardinals, with Chicago’s youth being among the deciding factors.

“Knowing the core is young and those guys are going to be around for a while is very exciting,” he told reporters. “I don’t want to take the highest dollar amount when my gut is telling me to go somewhere else.

“Being 26 years old and knowing that my contract would put me in any clubhouse for longer than most people there, you have to look at age, how fast the team is changing and how soon those changes will come about.”

That didn’t sit well with Cardinals fans.