Mike Trout and a few of his Angels teammates headed to Warriors practice Tuesday, where they presented Steph Curry with a jersey and challenged their counterparts to some friendly competition.

Along with fellow LA superstar Albert Pujols, Trout handed over the personalized Angels No. 30 jersey before getting down to business.

First up was a game of P.I.G. between Trout and Warriors star Draymond Green. Proving once again that there is nothing he can’t do (including dunking), Trout defeated Green thanks to this corner 3.

Perhaps a bit overconfident following his unexpected win, Trout challenged Curry to the same game. And, as you might expect, his second attempt didn’t go as well.

There was, however, one Angel that was able to topple the MVP.

Perhaps taking a few cues from wife Allie LaForce, reliever Joe Smith defeated Curry thanks to a left-handed 3 and a blind free throw.

Watch the full game below:

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