After a prank gone horribly wrong led to him being isolated by his teammates and basically universally dislike by everyone in the NBA, you would think D’Angelo Russell would lay low with the pranks for a while, at least until this whole Nick Young video thing blows over.

But nope, instead of doing his best to prove that he really has learned from his mistake, the Lakers rookie was back to his old ways Monday, pulling another prank with – you guessed it – a video posted to social media.

The video showed someone (presumably Russell) tossing a water ballon from a balcony onto a person below. Clearly unimpressed, the victim responds by saying “(Expletive). What’s wrong with you boy?”

Perhaps realizing his mistake, Russell deleted the video less than an hour after it was posted.

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Last week, Russell created a rift with teammate Nick Young after his secretly recorded video of Young discussing his infidelities to fiancee Iggy Azalea was leaked by a celebrity gossip site.

At this point, the original video doesn’t seem to have put off any wedding plans. Azalea was seen wearing her engagement ring at an awards show over the weekend and former NBAer Gilbert Arenas, a friend of Young’s, told TMZ the couple will be fine.

Arenas even said that he’ll be throwing the bachelor party. I’m guessing Russell isn’t invited.

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