Not everyone agrees with Bill Simmons, but most people love to hear his informed opinions anyway.

Dan Binder is a big fan of the sportswriter, but he hasn’t been able to hear the sportswriter’s podcasts for almost a decade. Binder is deaf.

Binder apparently has pleaded with Simmons through the years to transcribe his podcasts and make them accessible for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, but to no avail.

Now that Simmons has left ESPN to begin his start-up “The Ringer,” Binder is hoping things might change.

Binder posted on reddit:

Dear Bill Simmons,

You’re my favorite sportswriter ever. I’ve been reading your content since before you joined ESPN. Then the podcast era began, and as a Deaf person, I had no way of accessing the auditory content. Almost 10 years ago, you included me in a mailbag when I asked for accessibility, and you apologized because ESPN would not be able to offer transcripts for your podcast, the BS Report. You explained that you did not have the power to change this at that time. …

You’re Bill freaking Simmons. If anyone can do it, it’s you. When Bill Simmons starts providing transcripts for every podcast to his Deaf and hard-of-hearing fans, it’s setting an example for everyone else to follow.

This is basically my last resort. It kills me.

It’s been almost 10 years since the podcast era began, and virtually nothing has been done regarding this accessibility issue. I’m begging for a response, Bill. Just give me something.

Commenters to Binder’s post gave some access suggestions and even offered to begin a Kickstarter program to fund the transcription process.