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Drake has officially reached the NBA fan status of Jack Nicholson and Spike Lee. The rapper not only has an official position with the Toronto Raptors but sits courtside at every Raptors game he can.

Like Lee in the 1990s, Drake is using his celebrity status to inject himself directly into the game. On Monday night, Drake appeared to help his team in a very real way.

With less than 30 seconds left in the Raptors game against the Chicago Bulls and Toronto down by three, the Bulls attempted to inbound the ball right in front of Drake’s seats.

Whether Drake truly played a role in what happened next or not may be up for debate. But with the help of a quick count and tough defense, the Raptors forced a five-seconds call and took possession.

It’s not exactly like Reggie Miller in the Garden, but it got the job done. Unfortunately for Drake and the Raptors, the team couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain. The Bulls would just barely hang on, winning 109-107 on the road.

This is far from the first time Drake has pushed himself into a game. The most notable moment came during last year’s playoffs when Drake’s trash-talk to Wizards forward Paul Pierce resulted in Pierce giving Drake a little push before starting the play.