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It isn’t an exaggeration to say that former NBA star Gilbert Arenas pretty much has no filter when it comes to his Instagram account.

Arenas’ latest social media bizarreness features a post that the former NBA All-Star made a few days ago where he essentially admitted to committing credit card fraud at a strip club.

Hip Hop Wired transcribed the post with Arenas stating he lied about not spending $80,000 at a strip club after his credit card company called to inquire about the purchase:

“You kick me out your strip club, you getting robbed…..I know what yall thinking(soft ass aint robbing no body) I would like too inform all the big ballers out there,im the reason BIG strip clubs #fingerprint now hahaha..I’ll order $80,000 worth of ones,throw about $40,000 of it too the strippers,sneak the rest out the club…have one of my #teammates sign that bill….wake up the next day,call #americanexpress(my card was stolen at the strip club last night,and these charges aint mines) with a (no questions asked policy)once they see its not ur [sic]signture,they refund you ALL your money back lmaoooo soooo I got the $80,000 I spent back..PLUS the $40,000 I took out the club… #aintnotrickingbihh strippers gave me that vagina on the house,it cost me nothing hahahaha”

Naturally, the post soon went viral, with Twitter attempting to figure out just how much common sense Arenas has lost since retiring from the NBA:

This isn’t the first time that Arenas has posted some idiocy on Instagram.

The 34-year-old received scorn and ridicule for poking fun at the residents of Flint, Michigan and the current water crisis they are embroiled in.

Arenas also got flack for insinuating that if WNBA women played in their underwear, men would go watch their games en mass.

Obviously, Arenas’ decision-making skills have gotten much worse since leaving the NBA game, although they may have been just as bad during his time in the league.