Former world champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley is coming out of retirement at age 43 for a grudge match with fellow long-tooth Ricardo Mayorga.

Mosley announced that his company, Sugar Shane Mosley Promotions, will promote a card on which he will fight the former welterweight and junior middleweight titlist in a rematch on Aug. 29 on pay-per-view at a location to be announced in Southern California, per ESPN reports.

According to Mosley, the Twitter beef between the two boxers is what gave the fight life.

Mosley and Mayorga last met — in the ring — in 2008 in Carson, California. Mosley knocked him out with one second left in the last round after a really tough fight that would have been hard to score in the cards.

Mosley talked to ESPN about how he’s been training and where the bad blood comes from.

“I’m planning to show the world what (22 months) off did for me. They think I’m finished? I’m far from finished,” Mosley told “I am in the best shape of my life. I feel bad for Mayorga. No one knows how good I really am. I am going to kill him.”

“He’s been mouthing off on Twitter for months now,” Mosley said. “He needs to be shut up. If there’s anybody that needs his ass kicked, it’s him. The time for hiding his ass on social media is over. I’m ready to beat him just like I did last time. Mayorga is a beer-swilling, butt-smoking a–h— and I’ll fight him as soon as he can stumble into the ring. I’ll beat him down again.”

Let’s just hope neither of these oldies will need hip replacements after this.