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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has the support of former sex addict Scott Baio in a 2016 presidential run and now, Hillary Clinton is the latest politician to get the support from those who know a bit about sex — prostitutes.

They go by the name “Hookers for Hillary,” obviously.

The working girls, from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada, also have put together their own SFW website that thrusts their support behind Clinton.

They also want to help make it rain for Clinton, with a direct link to her donation page.

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Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof says this is much more than a cheap publicity stunt, but doesn’t deny it’s getting his ranch and his ladies some solid action.

“When you can get publicity and do the right thing then you’ve got a winner. And we’ve got a winner here,” Hof told The Daily Beast. “You’re going to see crazy things. They’re going to show up at rallies in bikinis. Bunnies for Hillary. They’re going to push the issue and stir it up because when you stir it up you get people thinking and looking at it.”

Seeing prostitutes in bikinis at a Clinton rally may be eye-popping, but not nearly as shocking as seeing “First Lady Bill Clinton” dressing in drag on the beach.

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Why exactly have prostitutes decided to get behind Clinton?

They cite four reasons, including her foreign policy experience and her position on the economy. But protecting health care reform is No. 1 on their list.

“This is the first time ever that over 500 independent contractors, or as you call it legalized prostitutes, were able to get health care and that’s because of the Affordable Care Act,” Krissy Summers, a prostitute and Hookers for Hillary supporter, told  The Daily Beast. “Whether someone agrees with legal prostitution or not it’s not right to take health care away from us. We pay into taxes too.”

h/t: The Daily Beast