We’ve recently seen a drone crash a congressional hearing on drones, but what would happen if there was a hearing on extraterrestrial life?

Stephen Bassett, executive director of Paradigm Research Group and founder of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee would like to find out.

While he’s pushed for congressional hearings on the topic in the past, Bassett is launching a new effort to overcome the “truth embargo” about the government’s involvement with alien life forms.

It comes in the form of “The Congressional Hearings Initiative.”

“Once this evidence is properly looked at, the way it should be, any reasonable person will come to the same conclusion,” Bassett told Roll Call.

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Bassett is flooding approximately 180 members of Congress with meeting requests.

And if Basset gets his way, he doesn’t just want some skimpy meeting done for show.

“The goal is to get one of the committees to commit for comprehensive hearings,” Basset said. “Not three witnesses, come up [to] the Hill for half a day and give ’em a spiel. I’m talking about 25, 30, 35 witnesses, at least, testifying over a week, two weeks if possible. The reason is we’ve got those witnesses and the issue is not an issue that you can dispense with something trivial.”

Two people Bassett should get in his corner: John Podesta, President Barack Obama’s counselor, and former President Bill Clinton.

Considering Podesta’s comments that his “biggest failure” was not securing the disclosure of UFO files, it’s a natural fit.

And as far as Clinton, he did once tell Jimmy Kimmel that maybe the only way to united the world would be with an alien invasion.

So really, a congressional hearing on extraterrestrial life could also double as a world peace hearing.

Here’s our vote for the first witness if that hearing takes place:

h/t: Roll Call