Why do candle companies think we are perfect? Seriously Bahama Breeze, Picnic in the Park, Soft Blanket, Magical Frosted Forest? Are these for real?

Sadly they are and they seem to paint a picture that if your life is not perfect then something is seriously wrong with you.

Well I’m here to tell you and these companies that no one is perfect! Even am sitting here writing this I am not sitting in a magical frosted forest but rather a too bright office smelling of coffee and more coffee, while a frozen tundra awaits me outside. Nothing magical about that folks.

But wait there is finally a candle for this moment in my life now and a candle company that seems to get it.

Flick Candles prides itself on making candles you can light up to celebrate those less than perfect moments in life like Blueberry Bromance, Freshly Signed Divorce Papers, Frat House and DWI.

Ahh Coffee Cram Session, they just get me.