I recently traveled to the most vibrant cosmopolitan capital in Central America… Panama City, Panama! Skyscrapers framed by the Pacific Ocean and the man-made Panama Canal took my breath away. I could hardly wait to touch down, grab our ride and head into the city to explore!

If you want to have a successful, joyful and stress free adventure to a new country, not a resort area, I suggest you follow my Honey Good 1st rule of advice, darlings: Spend your money on choosing a first rate guide. You have 2 options. You can travel with a reputable travel group such as Tauck Travel or Abecrombie and Kent or, if you prefer, you can travel with a private guide hired for you through your travel agent.

Shelly and I have traveled near and far with groups and privately. There are wonderful advantages to both and, in my opinion, there is no value in spending money on travel without investing in an experienced guide; your teacher. It is impossible to see and experience a city or country otherwise.

I wanted to learn the history of the famed Panama Canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific and I wanted to travel through her locks. I wanted to take a city tour to learn its heartbeat, experience Panamanean dining and foods, meet the people of the city and come home with a Panama hat!

We did all that and more with professional guides who tutored us on all that was Panama.

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