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Today as I opened up the doors, to walk into my closet, the summer breeze flowing through our bedroom put a smile on my face! I could not help saying out loud, “summer is in the air and I am intoxicated with happiness.”

As I gaze into my over loaded closet my eyes catch site of beautiful floral dresses, brightly colored summer shoes and handbags reminding me of an Hawaiian rainbow, white lightly starched shirts, all styles of white pants and white dresses and I hear myself saying, once again out loud, “I am going to share the names of some of my favorite designers and some of my favorite things with my darlings!”

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As you, darlings, know red lipsticks are my go-to’s. Tom Ford is my favored brand and my colors of choice are Velvet Cherry and Velvet Violet

I love prints, especially the summer collections of Lanvin, Emilio Pucci, Celine and Louis Vuitton. When I am delighted with a new high priced item, I ask myself, “will I love this next year and the year after?”

My gorgeous jewelry dish for my “rings and things” is by artist, Jay Strongwater. I swoon over his designs because I am an artist at heart and never stopped appreciating gorgeous artistic creations. Everyday I glance at my jewelry dish and swoon!

My closet is filled with my designer shoes! My summer favorites–so far–darlings, are Jimmy Choo platform pumps that I named after the artist Claude Monet’s work of art, Monet’s Garden! My new Mui Mui bright silver colored sandal with rhinestone heels remind me of jewelry. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” even on our feet, darlings!

I never leave home without spritzing on my divinely scented perfume! Smelling delicious and womanly, even at 7:00am when I take my pooch Orchid for her walk is a must! My favorite perfume is Hana Mori, Hanae.

Every home has pillows! Our home is no exception and I love them all because I picked them out, but I do have one special pillow that I adore and you see in many of my photographs. It reads: “I’d rather be in Paris.” I love the USA and I am overly proud to be an American woman but with my soul drawn to everything beautiful it is hard to resist wanting to spend time in Paris as a Parisian woman. Maybe I was a French woman in a past life?

I love art! I love Andy Warhol. I love the picture of my love, Shelly and me!

The picture of my first-born daughter, Jenny and my first-born granddaughter, Skylar, sits on my desk and make me smile.

I saw this extraordinary Fendi bag! It was a genuine work of art and very unusual. I did not purchase it because of the cost. It was meant to be mine, darlings! I walked into the store, by chance, the morning it went on sale!

My budvase by Jay Stongwater is on my perfume tray. It is a little jewel and brings me joy with a fresh flower in water that adds to its beauty.

I wear my good luck piece on a chain. I have had it for years and so far so good! It has an evil eye, an elephant with the trunk up (always has to be up, darlings,) a four leaf clover, a horse shoe, a heart, the number 13 (it is the artist’s good luck #) and I added a tiny chai (the Hebrew letter for good luck) a gift from my brother.

It was enjoyable to share some of my favorite things. We all have our favorite treasures, darlings; our favorite keepers that give us pleasure. Please share your ‘favorite things’ with me. I’m always up for a chat! Catch me on Facebook and Twitter.



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