In 1926, Coco Chanel was photographed wearing a “little black dress” in Vogue, and the rest is history. Almost 100 years later, the “LBD” is an essential item for every woman’s wardrobe. You simply cannot go wrong with having one or more hanging in your closet, darlings. This is why:

  • The little black dress can take you everywhere. During the day, you can wear it plain. For evening, add a pair of pearls. For a special evening affair, wear it with an elegant broach and silk pumps. This can all be the same dress!
  • The little black dress is noticed for its elegance and simplicity.
  • The dress is classic and timeless. An LBD will never go out of style.
  • The dress is a very worthwhile investment mentally and financially. When you do not know what to wear, just throw open your closet door, darlings. You will feel mentally relaxed seeing your LBD. You can dress it up or dress it down and out the door you go, darling, looking ladylike and chic.

Here are accessories to wear to customize your LBD for any occasion.

  • Leather pumps for daytime and silk pumps for dressy affairs (Worried about wearing pumps at our age? Here are my tips for doing so with style!)
  • Opaque black tights for day and casual evenings and patterned dressy tights for dressy events
  • Colorful gloves that are leather for daytime and satin for a dressy evening
  • Belts that are casual for daytime and jeweled for that special evening
  • Handbags like a black leather tote or handbag for daytime and a dressy red clutch for evening
  • Shawls are good to wear over your LBD.  An informal casual shawl with dangling fringe for daytime and add to your LBD the stunning cashmere and patterned shawl for an elegant evening.

Darlings, I have had the pleasure of giving you several options with one little black dress. Enjoy!

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