You may not think of me as a T-shirt person darlings, but nothing could be further from the truth. I am enamored with today’s tees because they are both versatile and many reflect what is on my mind! I call them ‘statement tees’

These aren’t the tees of yesteryear. They are chic, modern, and they offer up sartorial sass available in your typical white tee. Best of all, these tees aren’t to be paired with sweatpants; these statement tees can be worn with pleated skirts, tailored slacks, Bermuda shorts, or just about anything else your heart desires.

Take a peek at the looks below and let me know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

“Old is the new black”

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This tee shirt is making waves and I’m starting to like it. Once one gets past the initial disdain for the word “old,” it starts to make sense. Am I right in feeling that only a woman with tons of confidence and visibility would wear this tee? Plus, as you know, my declaration to all of us is “You are not invisible!” I’m calling this t-shirt—and its mantra—a must have!

“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…”


It’s not my birthday yet but when it is, no doubt I should grab a sparkling necklace and this birthday girl statement tee. Perhaps my mother would enjoy one of these lovely shirts for her 95th birthday bash! What do you think? The shirt is available at

“I am STILL what I am,” by Moschino


Doesn’t this tee make a stunningly true statement, darlings? I am still what I am… in fact, I’m more “me” than I’ve ever been. I am finally and completely comfortable in my own skin— this is one of the most precious and liberating gifts of life after 50! The shirt is available at

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