Kanye West sent out a series of tweets taking shots at Wiz Khalifa.

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Wiz Khalifa was one of the first people to react to Kanye West changing his upcoming album title to “Waves.”

Wiz claimed that “wave” and all of its variants belong to the incarcerated rapper Max B. Kanye then tweeted “all respect” to Max B, to which Wiz responded:

Then on Wednesday afternoon Kanye West sent out a series of tweets taking shots at Wiz Khalifa. It appears the series of tweets were sparked when Wiz tweeted:

Kanye said he isn’t afraid to get petty even though he’s “the best that’s ever made music.” He said Wiz Khalifa used his wife’s initials in a tweet and claimed the Pittsburgh rapper stole his style from Kid Cudi.

This prompted Wiz to tweet:

At to Wiz’s credit, he has a song about a strand of marijuana called “KK.”

Then in typical fashion, Kanye tweeted that Khalifa has “cool pants.” And Wiz went back to his regular routine:

But Kanye wasn’t done:
kanye rant 4

kanye rant 2

kanye rant 1

On Tuesday night, West announced he would be changing the title of his seventh album for the second time.

West originally was going to call the record “So Help Me God,” but he later changed it to “SWISH.” Upon that announcement he said he might change his mind again, which he ended up doing.

West’s new album will be called “Waves,” which is also the third track on his forthcoming LP, set to be released on Feb. 11.

Kanye also made some changes to the tracklist and had several musicians and friends sign the notepad he used to share the song titles.

See what fans had to say about “Waves”:

It all started with this tweet...
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