Lupe Fiasco made a grand return in 2015 with his excellent album, “Tetsuo & Youth.”

“Tetsuo & Youth” was a return to form after releasing two lack-luster (and that’s putting it lightly) albums, “Lasers” and “Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album (part 1).”

The Chicago rapper looks to build off of the success of his last album with another sequel, this time he will be doing a part two to his 2007 album, “The Cool.”

Lupe previewed the album art on his Instagram account:

Sneak peek…!!!…#C2 It's gonna be a whiiiile…but we are working!

A photo posted by Lupe Fiasco – Bogglin' Giblets (@lupefiasco) on

The preview of the album cover appears to have a similar design to “The Cool’s” album cover.

Lupe Fiasco "The Cool" sequel

“The Cool” is considered one of Lupe’s best albums. It was loosely built on a concept focusing on characters including “The Streets” “The Cool” and “Michael Young.”

If Lupe Fiasco does do a sequel for his beloved sophomore album, hopefully it’s more focused than “Food & Liquor II,” which did not resemble his debut album at all.